560 Series

560P Camera Control Unit
The Smith & Nephew 560P High Definition Camera Control Unit provides for exceptional image quality and versatility for endoscopic procedures in all OR settings. This new HD CCU will meet your multi-specialty needs by providing customizable image optimization and programmability. The 560P offers the latest in high definition digital processing of the native 1920 x 1080i image, and includes all new HD-DVI, HD-SDI and YPrPb outputs to maximize image resolution.

560H Camera Head
The Smith & Nephew 560H High Definition Camera Head is compatible with a complete line of direct-view endoscopes, video endoscopes and the 560P High Definition Camera Control Unit (CCU). The 3-button, 6-function design allows for remote control of compatible peripheral devices like the CCU, printers, and image management systems. The Smith & Nephew 560H digital 3-CCD high definition camera head is engineered for reliability and image quality.