Arkan Darman at a glance



Arkan Darman was founded in 2005 and started its professional path by exclusively distributing orthopedic, pharmaceutical, health & beauty products in Iran. Since then, the company has been able to achieve a tremendous success in terms of rendering decent services to patients and healthcare professionals all over the country.


Today Arkan Darman being one of the leading suppliers of medical devices in Iran, has the honor to offer Orthopedic Products and Sports Medicine from world known brands MicroPort and Smith & Nephew, being their official representative. Arkan Darman earns trust with patients, customers, healthcare professionals, authorities and the public by acting in an honest and fair manner in all aspects of its operations:

  • Management team with 30+ years of experience
  • Professional staff
  • Internal training for sub-distributors and their sales reps
  • Continuous local workshops and presentations for surgeons
  • Attending scientific congresses in Iran
  • Highest work ethics