PROFEMUR Gladiator Cementless Hip Stem

 The PROFEMUR Line of cementless hip stems provide the broadest range of philosophies, allowing for flexibility in both fixation and bone anatomy. Each PROFEMUR hip stem is designed in line with an established stem philosophy, incorporating features that have been in the market for several years and improving on those features with proven materials and instrumentation.

  • Cementless Hip Stems available in standard and extended neck options
  • Tapered Wedge design
  • Plasma Spray and HA coatings available for titanium hip stems
  • Profile tapers vertically both in frontal and lateral view
  • Bullet shaped design in distal part of the hip stem
  • 0.5 micron titanium plasma spray in 1/3 proximal part of the hip stem
  • 10 sizes available, 1-10
  • 99.6% success rate based on clinical studies in over 6 years